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Whats in my hospital bag? NOTHING.

What did I pack in my hospital bag? Nothing! 

Yes, you read that correct, i packed nothing.

I went to hospital thinking nothing of it, just here for a check up. One of the many 100's that ive already had. Just like every other time. 

And....... admitted. And told i wont be coming out without a baby! Yay, but i dont have anything.... 

So, what am i going to do?

I'm going to tell every single one of you reading this my opinion on what to pack. What i thought were essentials turned out to not be essentials. 

What I had in mind, and the list i had written on my phone compared to ringing my husband every day and telling him what essentials I need and to bring to the hospital turned out to be two very different things. 

Why? Because the list i had on my phone was for the picture perfect labour. Remember? that one that i thought i would have and 100% didn't. 

You know, cute new born size out fits for the baby because I had every intention of going full term. Relaxing things to keep me comfortable in labour. Comfy pyjamas. The whole works. 


What really went down was. 

My husbands teeshirts (and lots of them) and my tracksuit style comfy shorts. Why his teeshirts? BECAUSE NOTHING FIT ME! So how I thought I was going to fit in to cute pyjamas, that I owned from pre pregnancy? I have no idea. 


Lots of snacks. All the time. From every visitor I had. Once youve been in hospital for so long, which im sure reading this some of you will get. Hospital food isnt so great! 

New born size baby outfits? Well.. that didnt go to plan as our little angel was tiny tiny tiny. So off our family went to buy premmie outfits to bring to us. (Which were still too big and she wore handmade clothes for the first 2 weeks anyway). 

SO! pack different sizes! Dont assume the size of your baby or the date of your birth! 

Toiletries! 100% take your toiletries and as many of them as you can possibly think of! There is no better feeling than having a shower or freshening up after laying in a hospital bed for days, or after giving birth. 

Some crazy high waisted seamless underwear! Why?! because that picture perfect labour for some of us turns in to a sunroof labour. Yes, thats correct, a caesarean. Always prepare for the worst. You dont want to wear itty bitty undies that sit on your cut. Well.. maybe you do. But I didnt.  

My best advice when packing is to pack for comfort and the worst case scenario all in one with a side of cute. 

So I've made myself useful for all you expecting mama's and I have attached a downloadable checklist for all your hospital bag needs. 

Essentials, worst case scenario essentials, and picture perfect essentials! I included it all! 

Believe it or not, after reading my blogs it sounds like a picture perfect labour doesnt exist, however! It does! So you still need to be prepared to pack over the top things, but if you are just down to get that baby out and not care about a single other thing then thats cool too. 

This list is for the both of you. 

Chat soon with some more handy dandy downloadables (that maybe ill also put to good use with any other baby I have and not just wing it again? Who knows). 

Hospital Bag Checklist
Download PDF • 2.54MB

-Madds xo 

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