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We're home and healthy! Our hospital journey is over.


I’m feeling well. Am I feeling 100%? Not really. Do I think I’m still unwell and something is going on? Yep. Every night I am sweating, badly. Waking up saturated. This isn’t normal. Something is bound to be wrong. Do I want to be admitted to the hospital again? Most certainly not. So typical Madds, I wait it out. A few nights pass and the sweating and temperatures start to stop, thankfully. After a long 2 and a bit month journey, I can finally feel myself getting better. Eating well, taking vitamins, and all my medications again –doing everything I can to make sure I stay as healthy as possible. At last, it worked, I’m better. No more temperatures, and no more infections! Slowly but surely I am starting to feel 100% again. I thought I felt “fine” when I was in the hospital, but now that I feel myself getting better. I realised I wasn’t “fine” before. Enough about me. I’m now all better! My journey in the hospital has officially come to an end (yay!).

Time to enjoy parenthood. So… How is parenthood you ask? What is it like being a first-time mum? How is it adapting to a newborn at home? Harri Leigh is an absolute angel! She is everything we ever dreamt of and more! Something had to go right from all this, right? And it did. We got the most special, precious gift of all. A perfect baby that has made parenthood a breeze so far! Adapting to parenthood hasn’t been too hard at all, of course, it's had its ups and downs, and some days are harder than others but the impatient wait to take her home, made the experience of bringing her home and being at home with her all that much better!

Everything we had just gone through over the last couple of months made us realise that sleepless nights were nothing compared to what we had been through. It’s all about perspective, right? She started on 17mls of milk when she was born, we bought her home and she was having 90mls and now almost 7 months old and shes on 180mls! She was drinking more and more ml’s every week! It may seem like a silly little thing to be excited over, but we were so proud of her progress! She is putting on weight and growing better than ever. The midwife was coming over once a week to weigh Harri Leigh and check-in. She wakes every 3 hours, like clockwork. She woke at 1:30 am and 4:30 am every night, Jake and I taking it in turns of who gets up. She’s an extremely easy going, happy, and healthy baby.

We mentioned in our last blog that the doctors were getting Harri Leigh’s discharge papers and specialist referrals ready before we left the hospital. A little more on that. Specialist appointments? What for? Well… She needed 3 different specialist appointments at the children’s hospital. Let me elaborate. Firstly, while delivering our little angel, she was flipping between being breach and transverse. Because of this, she needed a specialist appointment to check her hips. We went to that appointment, had an ultrasound done and it was all clear! Happy days! Secondly, 2 specialist appointments were because as I’m sure you would have seen in my previous blogs in some of the photos that I posted Harri Leigh had some marks around her eyes. This was because of the autoimmune disease I have that I’ve mentioned previously. Because of this, she had a specialist appointment for a rheumatologist (to make sure she doesn’t have an autoimmune disease and that it is just my blood causing this) and to the dermatologist to create a plan for the marks around her eyes. Basically, she doesn’t have an autoimmune disease. It is just my blood that reacted with her skin. The specialist has said that it either will react by creating marks around the eyes or cause defects to the baby’s heart. Luckily, it was just the marks around the eyes (but have been informed that we need to be closely monitored for any future pregnancies in case of any future heart defects). So all the blood that I passed to her through the placenta reacted because of my autoimmune disease that was obviously in my blood. Her little body didn’t like and it gave her marks around her eyes (to put it in basic terms). Once her body clears all of my red blood cells out and replaces them with her own, her marks around her eyes will disappear. By the age of 1, the specialist has said, “you won't even know they were ever there”. She is 6.5 months old now and the marks have faded so much already!

Day 1 to 6 months old!

We now have no specialist appointments and no follow up appointments. We have a healthy happy baby with absolutely no complications and we couldn’t be any more grateful for that.

As I mentioned our baby girl is now nearly 7 months old. Parenthood hasn’t gotten any harder, but it hasn’t gotten any easier either. I’m not sure that I can say we ever found it “hard” it has so far always been quite a breeze. Its been our biggest wish come true, and every day is a new day with more and more love and fun for our little human. Every stage has had its pros and cons. At the start, all she did was sleep, eat and poo.. drinking her bottle exhausted her and put her to sleep. But she woke more frequently and it was tiring. Now, she sleeps through the night, every night, but she needs more attention in the day. My day is planned out around Harri Leigh -which I love, but some days she decides she doesn’t want to sleep, which is also okay, but it can be tiring too. Although I do get a full night sleep, every night. So far, it is the best journey, every day she learns something new! We cannot wait to see what the next age bracket has in store for us when she starts crawling and walking especially.

Our pregnancy, birth and post-birth series through our blogs have all come to an end now that our baby girl is home, happy and healthy and as am I.

Our little family is thriving better than ever. From here on out we will be posting all things Harri Leigh style. (Tips, tricks, activities, what’s in my hospital bag, the struggles and the triumphs of parenthood, and many more of Harri Leigh’s ways of life through individual blogs.) All till our next series on Harri Leigh’s next adventures comes around. Till then we hope you’ve enjoyed our first series of our “Baby Journey”. While we hope you enjoy the more individual blogs to come and any other series that come around in the future. We do things Harri Leigh’s way these days and the next series will be dictated by her, how, if and when that will be.

Talk soon. Madds & Harri Leigh xx

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