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It's official!

We’re officially pregnant.

The next day comes around – April 23rd 2019 and the excitement cannot be contained.

We are over the moon.

We had the discussion of when we tell the parents and immediately both saying “NOW”.

But the real question was how? After moving to Perth, everyone was so far away and it was really hard to get people together. We didn’t want anyone to miss out, but flying people to other states to tell them all at the same time in person just wasn’t an option..

Now I don’t know about you, but that isn’t something in my budget.

So we pulled out the trusty iPhone, Went on Facetime and got calling, with our parents faces spread across 3 different devices.

Telling them all at the same time.

The tears started and the excitement continued.

We went to the doctors with our usual doctor the following day.

It’s official.

SHE IS DUE ON JANUARY 1ST! What a fantastic way to start 2020 (probably the only good news anyone has got about 2020 haha). It’s all confirmed, our ultrasound referral is done, and we’re discussing the next steps to take and listening to all the medical advice. We brought up the topic of my medication for my autoimmune disease, after stopping it by my own choice, worried it may have an effect on pregnancy. He contacted the rheumatologist at the hospital for an answer, where we were informed that there is mixed information on whether it is good or bad while pregnant. So after all, it wasn’t really that harmful stopping my medication was it? I sure as hell didn’t know and neither did they. So we were advised to not take it if possible and just have minimal doses if needed, until a senior specialist gets in contact with us with a more definitive answer. The more we saw the doctors, the more specialists we got to know and the more we learned about my disease.

Days pass and at this point everything seems so cruisey; all of the horror pregnancy stories that people tell you about morning sickness and all the other unjoyful things, all seem so untrue. My skin is still nice and clear, no morning sickness, no heartburn, still studying my nursing, completing my placements all as normal, and still working. We went to our very first ultrasound appointment and we saw our baby, for the first time ever. We heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. That baby was mine. I am absolutely on top of the world.


Next week comes around. I wake, and run straight to the toilet to vomit. Morning sickness is in the morning’s right? And doesn’t last all day and night? You vomit once and then continue your day as normal? If you’re feeling unwell, just take some ginger and get on with it. Well that’s what I thought at least, the horror stories weren’t going to happen to me and if they do, it can’t be as bad as people say.

BUT IT IS. IT IS BAD. AND IT IS JUST AS BAD AS THE HORROR STORIES SOUND. Once my head went into that toilet, it did not come out for 16 weeks. From the moment I woke up till the moment I went to sleep, it was non-stop vomiting, and feeling unwell. There were even a few days that Jake came home from work found me asleep next to the toilet.

I can’t hold a single thing down, the moment I finish eating I need to bring it back for a second appearance. All except for Weet-bix and you know what then?

You guessed it; I ate Weet-bix for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert, and snacks. Any time I could, I ate them. If I don’t have food in my belly, I am sick, but if I do have food in my belly, you better hope that it’s Weet-bix. All I can think is “When will this stop?”

It didn’t stop. It felt as though it was never going to stop, despite there being hope after hearing from every second person that “it all goes away after the first trimester”. I’m holding on until 12 weeks, hopeful that it will all go away. 12 weeks gestation came around and I still had my head in that toilet.

The best of friends that toilet and I were.

Pregnancy was not fun anymore. My skin was atrocious; the hormonal acne was real. Still studying her nursing she said a minute ago?

You can bet your life that I was 100% NOT at my classes. You were lucky if I made it to work at this point and if I did, I spent an equal amount of time in the toilet there too. Doctor visit after doctor visit to get more and more anti-nausea, as nothing was working. That ginger that I said was going to work? Yeah nah, it didn’t. The same as all the strong anti-nausea medicine, all the home remedies, the pressure point wristbands. You name it, I tried it and it didn’t work.

Still vomiting non-stop at 16 weeks, off to the hospital we go. Dehydrated and really not enjoying the sight of the toilet bowl any more. Don’t worry people, it’s now confirmed. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness) oh and a side of GASTRO!

So the lovely doctor told me after an awesome 4 hour wait, the news and advised that I “ride out the wave”. Well…ok… Back home I went, to “ride out the wave”. A couple weeks on, after being told by my mum that one morning I would wake and it would all be gone, in complete disbelief after how bad it has been, that can’t be possible. I wake one morning not sick. Still to scared to exert any energy, fearful of going back to that toilet. A few days pass, and I still wasn’t sick. She was right. The morning sickness lasted for 16 weeks, woke one morning and it never came back.

Oh. My. God.

Freedom. By this point, we’re past the 12 weeks, a little closer to 20 weeks (when I felt her kick for the first time by the way! The most surreal experience.) We have now well and truly announced to everyone that we are expecting a baby. We have done the Harmony test –a test that analyses that babies chromosomes and assess any potential abnormalities. As it looks at the babies’ chromosomes they are able to tell the gender also. The harmony test results return, and the doctor writes it in an envelope for us. We go home and Jake (typical male) uses the ENTIRE roll of sticky tape, taping the envelope closed (thinking I would sneak peak at it while he was at work). He then hid the envelope so I didn’t know where it was. So we continue on as usual, trying to not think about the gender, this was not an easy thing to do either, imagine knowing that finding out your little best friend for life is a boy or a girl is as easy as opening an envelope… Or popping a balloon? The Gender Reveal weekend was finally here. It was time to get out the envelope. (I don’t want to alarm any of you or anything, but my darling husband doesn’t remember where he put the envelope.) After hours of looking, it was found and was time to take it to the shops to have them organise the colour of the balloon confetti and cannons. We had already picked our names and are waiting anxiously to be able to call our baby by their name, finally! August 3rd 2019 came around and it was time to pop the balloon and shoot the canons…. Was the most important person in my entire world going to be a boy or girl? Anxiously waiting, ensuring everyone has arrived for the reveal. Nervous, but also excited! We pop the balloon, as everyone shoots the cannons! IT'S A..... GIRL! My best friend for life is a girl!!

We couldn’t be more excited, despite Jake wanting a boy to play soccer with, he is over the moon. While I am now preparing to spend the rest of my life raising a mini personality of my own (dear lord help us all), I’m also over the moon. The congratulations messages are still rolling in; it’s all still so exciting. (Especially now that we know the gender and her name.) But so are my most disliked comments, the “I have a toddler, you’re going to regret it” comments. And of course all of the people that want to tell you how to parent, what to do, and how to do it. Alongside the ones that analyse and lecture you about any meal or even mouth full that you eat, ensuring that there is nothing in there that will “hurt the baby”.

People questioning how we found out the gender so early and informing them we did the harmony test. Then hearing about whether they agree or not and listening to them tell us we’ve wasted our money. All of the conflicting topics of everyone’s opinions that you don’t really have a response for because you’ve already made your own opinion and decision but by this point have just decided to smile and nod at every opinion whether you agree or not. (So if any of you are planning on having a baby, my only advice is to not be pressured by others opinions, parent how you want and do what you feel is right. Every second person will tell you something different anyway.) Just* Do* You* Boo*

We continue on doing our thing, enjoying being pregnant. Growing my little bump. No more appointments with the doctor, they’re now all with the Obstetrician and Midwife. Starting to get severe pain in the right-hand side of my back, the more my little belly grows, the worse it is getting (only assuming it is because I’m growing a baby of course). We thought we would mention it to the Obstetrician anyway, as some days it is quite excruciating. Some ultrasounds on my right kidney and some tests later, the results are back. I have Hydro-nephrosis - a condition that typically occurs when a kidney swells due to urine failing to properly drain from the kidney to the bladder, well of course that turned out to be because my little cherub was lying on the tube, stopping it from draining! Once again, woke up one morning and she had flipped. Off the tube she moves and no more pain. Back to nursing classes and work I go, and back to happily enjoying being pregnant. While celebrating our baby girl through love, gifts, messages, seeing her through our ultrasounds, hearing her heartbeat, growing my bump and most importantly connecting with our littlest love! All so exciting everything has calmed down; we’re enjoying the kicks, the movements, the big belly, and the pregnancy. Until we are celebrating our baby shower on October 6th is the final step before I am admitted to hospital for the next (surprise Madds it’s a long one) 2 months…. Coming out with our very own, real, perfect, baby girl.

Till next time!

-Madds x

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