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Big boobs. Small boobs. Breast Reduction ?!

Let's talk about all things regarding my boobs and breast reduction! How? What? When? Why?

All my life, I’ve had big boobs (thanks to my fabulous mother). But it wasn’t all fun and games. It caused many of back problems alongside being self-conscious.

Not being able to play sport properly because your boobs are too big? Running funny because your boobs are too big? Not getting to wear cute tops and things because once again, your boobs are too big? Seems like little problems, right? Till you have to live with it. Day in, day out! Your life ends up being focused around your boobs, maybe great for a guy? Not so great for a sore back, and self-conscious Madds.

I moved to Perth in January 2017, and that was the year I decided I’m going to get a breast reduction. How and when I didn’t know. I had the idea that only rich and famous people could afford cosmetic surgery so how was I ever going to afford this, who knows! It was now July and I got some referrals, opinions, and suggestions and did my research on surgeons that specialise in breast reductions.

We made an appointment for August and off we went. We met the surgeon, discussed what I wanted, what size I wanted to be, what problems its causing and all the rest of it and luckily he agreed. He agreed so much that he believed it was medically necessary and Medicare and my private health insurance then covered a bulk amount. Before we knew it, our appointment was coming to an end and we were looking at his calendar discussing when he would be able to do my procedure. The date was picked and it was now a waiting game till the day! September came around and it was now the month of our surgery, we met with the surgeon one more time to ensure we were happy with everything and to sign the consent forms and everything else that needed to be signed. Within this appointment came a discussion and a form that I needed to sign. This was in regards to my milk ducts. Will I ever be able to breastfeed after this operation? I’m not sure, and the surgeon wasn’t 100% sure either. He informs me of the procedure and the technicality of it and assures me he will do his best to keep all milk ducts connected, but to be aware that it isn’t guaranteed. At the time I was only 19 years old, I hadn’t even planned my children, I always thought I would breastfeed so am I slightly worried? Yeah, I guess a little bit but did I feel confident that he was a good surgeon and everything would be okay? Also yes! Worst case if he isn’t able to keep my milk ducts connected, I will just bottle-feed and it will all be okay!

It's now the day of my surgery. This was the first time I had ever had an operation, therefore the first time I had ever been under anaesthetic so it was kind of a big deal. It was a long day, to say the least. Well, not for me…I felt like a had a 10-minute nap but for everyone who is waiting for me to come out of theatre it was a long wait! 8 hours in theatre for the surgery and then another hour or so in recovery! I don’t remember the exact amount, but roughly 1.5kg of boob muscle was cut out.

Pain-free from the moment I came out of surgery, I went home a day or 2 later and the recovery was a breeze! (A little different to the last few blogs hey?) Minimal to no pain, a few days in bed, a compression bra and a happy Madds with small(er) boobs! Yay. I went from a G to a C/D cup!

Fast forward a couple of years to April 2019 and we have found out I am pregnant! Curious to find out if my milk ducts are connected the only way to know is if my boobs start leaking milk. Well let me tell you, my milk ducts were still connected, alright! Halfway through my pregnancy, my boobs started leaking, as happy as ever “MY BOOBS WORK!!” I yelled at Jake while making him look at my (weird) leaking boobs haha. Every day from then on, I would wake each morning wet from leaking boobs. Was I mad or annoyed about this? No! I was so excited and thankful! It had been 2 years and we had no idea if the milk ducts were connected, the unknown was finally known! So excited that I would be able to breastfeed (but still not mad if I cant). 24 November 2019 – Harri Leigh’s birth date. She was born, and I was leaking more than ever. She didn’t breastfeed straight away because she was 6 weeks premmie and hadn’t learnt how to suck yet. A week passed and Harri Leigh started breastfeeding. As excited and overwhelmed as ever that there was real milk coming out of my boobs! Although I had been leaking for 20 ish weeks already, I still couldn’t believe that my boobs were feeding my baby. Although breastfeeding only last for a week till I got sick and dried up my milk, we now know that my boobs work!

It's now May 2020, do my boobs look like they did when I came out of my operation in 2017? Nope, they most certainly do not. They grew back to my pre-surgery size while I was pregnant -they were so full of milk, to breastfeeding, and then expressing before drying up my milk. They are definitely a bit flatter and less “perky” but they're back to their post-surgery size and they’ve served their purpose so far provided the circumstances and they have done a good job at it. I can now run properly, jump without being in pain, my back doesn’t hurt like it used to, I can wear what I want without taking my boobs into consideration, I can breastfeed, and I’m not self-conscious about my boobs anymore!!

Having a breast reduction was one of the best decisions I have made! Once I’ve finished having children will I consider having them “fixed” again? Yeah probably! But that’s a later issue and for now, I’m loving smaller boobs and the purpose they’ve served and will continue to serve till my little family is complete!

Chat soon

-Madds xo

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